polytheist extractions

Apa Pinution to Dioscorus of Alexandria 5.10-11

“At once my father made a sign to the borthers, ‘Seize him!’ But that unclean priest cried out, saying, ‘Great god Kothos, commander-in-chief of the air, the brother of Apollo, save me! I am your high priest.’ My father said to him, ‘I shall burn you alive, and also your god Kothos.’ And when we went into the village the multitude of the orthodox came out ahead of us singing psalms. Then he gave the command, and a fire was kindled. He threw Homer into it. He was burned along with the idols that had been found in his house. And of the rest of the pagans, some became Christians and received baptism. But others did not wish to receive it. Rather, they threw everything they owned into the depths of the cisterns and wells and fled with only their idols into the desert. And they counted the idols that had been destroyed that day and found them to number 306. As for those who fled, the Chistians dwelt in their houses.” – Apa Pinution to Dioscorus of Alexandria 5.10-11

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