polytheist extractions

Insc. Gr. 12.1.677

“Law [concerning] what it is not holy [sic] to let enter or bring into the temple and sacred enclosure of Alectrona. No horse, ass, mule, jenny, or any other mane-growing animal may enter, and no one may bring one in hither; nor may anyone enter wearing shoes or anything made of pigskin. Whoever disregards this law, let him cleanse the sanctuary and the sacred enclosure, and in addition to offer sacrifice; or else let him be guilty of irreligion and subject to the curse that haunts those who disregard, dishonor, or disobey the gods. If sheep wander in, whoever drove them in shall pay a fine of an obol for each sheep. Whoever wills may report any infringements [of these rules] to the Mastroi [i.e. temple officials].” – Insc. Gr. 12.1.677


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