polytheist extractions

PEL 4.435

“To Apollonios, greetings from Zoilos of Aspendos …. Which the King’s cousins will deliver to you. As I was worshipping the god Serapis and interceding for your health and your favor with King Ptolemy, Serapis repeatedly, in dreams, laid upon me the duty of going to you and conveying to you the following directions: a Serapieion and a sacred area must be built for him in the Greek quarter beside the harbor; a priest must be appointed and offer sacrifices there for us. When I begged him to release me from this duty, he let me fall into a severe illness, so that I was even in danger of my life. Then I prayed to him and promised that, if he would make me well, I should undertake the mission and carry out his command. Just when I had recovered, someone came from Knidos and began building a Serapieion at the place, and had ordered the stone brought there. Later on, the god forbade him to build, and he went away. When I came to Alexandria and hesitated to go to you with my message until you at last granted me the opportunity, I had a relapse that lasted for four months, and so I could not come to you immediately. Please, Apollonios, carry out the command of the god, so that Serapis may be gracious to you and lead you to still greater influence with the King and grant you fame and physical health. You need not be alarmed over this commission and the large expenditure it entails; instead, it will be greatly to your advantage, for I will myself share in managing the whole undertaking. May all go well for you!” – PEL 4.435


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