polytheist extractions

P.Tebt., 1.44

“To Menches, komogrammateus of Kerkeosiris, from Haryotes son of Phaesis, cultivator of Crown land and an inhabitant of the said village. While I was in the great temple of Isis here for devotional purposes on account of the sickness from which I am suffering, on the 23rd of Pachon in the 3rd year Horos son of Haryotes, a resident in the aforesaid temple of Isis, picked a quarrel with me, and beginning with abuse and unseemly behavior he at last fell upon me and gave me many blows with the staff which he was carrying. Therefore, since in consequence of the blows my life is in danger, I make this statement to you in order that it may be forwarded by you to the proper officials and I may have it placed on record, so that if anything happens to me subsequently he may not escape unpunished. Farewell.” – P.Tebt., 1.44

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