polytheist extractions

Libanios, Orationes 41.16

“There the theatre led to many deeds contrary to the laws, and some were seized from there and held fast by a few words spoken by a few men. For the love of shouting compels one to be a servant in every respect and among other things to run to Daphne and to hold the festival which brings ten thousand evils to the city. For even young men endowed with prudence who go up there return having cast it aside. Having witnessed these things, it seems to me, a good emperor suppressed the practice, but it grew up again; and it takes place with some giving the orders, and you leading the way and helping in this felicitous enterprise. For five days or more the procession going up there is seen to continue, with a lack of shame, some of which reflects on the participants, and some on you. And how would you answer if someone were to ask you now as you come back from that varied drunkenness, to what were you devoting so much time?” – Libanios, Orationes 41.16


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