polytheist extractions

Shenoute, Acephalous Work 14.255–59

“At the time of suffering, those fallen into poverty or in sickness or … indeed some other trial abandon God and run after enchanters or diviners or indeed seek other acts of deception, just as I myself have seen: the snake’s head tied on someone’s hand, another one with the crocodile’s tooth tied to his arm, and another with fox claws tied to his legs—especially since it was an official who told him that it was wise to do so! Indeed, when I demanded whether the fox claws would heal him, he answered, ‘It was a great monk who gave them to me, saying ‘Tie them on you [and] you will find relief.’’ Listen to this impiety! Fox claws! Snakes’ heads! Crocodiles’ teeth! And many other vanities that men put on themselves for their own relief, while others deceive them. Moreover, this is the manner that they anoint themselves with oil or that they pour over themselves water while receiving ministrations from enchanters or drug-makers, with every deceptive kind of relief … Still again, they pour water over themselves or anoint themselves with oil from elders of the church, or even from monks!” – Shenoute, Acephalous Work 14.255–59


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