polytheist extractions

P. Oxy. 27.2465.7-23

“.. let no one walk .. to the basket bearer .. of Arsinoe Philadelphus.. [together with] the prytaneis, the priests, [the gymnasiarchs], the ephebes and the rod-[bearers. Those who] wish to sacrifice to Arsinoe Aphrodite shall sacrifice in front of their [private doors] or on their [houses] or [on the] / road along which the basket-bearer walks; everyone should sacrifice either a bird [or whatever victim] each wishes except for a male or female goat; everyone shall construct [the] altars out of sand; should any persons / [have] altars made of bricks they shall spread sand on top of them, and shall place [on] it the firewood on [which] they shall burn the pulses …” – P. Oxy. 27.2465.7-23


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