polytheist extractions

P.Tebt. 3.781

“To … a chief of the body-guard and strategos, from … overseer of the temple of Ammon at Moeris of the 45-arouras holders. The shrine in the said temple having been (destroyed) by the men of Antiochos in … of the 2nd year, and the ground having later been regained by Ptolemy, the temple was restored to its ancient state. Afterwards when the Egyptian rebels had attacked it and not only thrown down parts of the temple but split the stone-work of the shrine and carried off the door-fixtures and other doors to the number of more than 110 and also torn down some of the boarding, after some time … I came forward and stopped up all the gates and breaches in order that the remaining colonnades might be held together. But now …” – P.Tebt. 3.781

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