polytheist extractions

Scholion to Theokritos

“The title of this idyll is Syracusan women or Women at the festival of Adonis. The subject is some women from Syracuse who are staying at Alexandria; they arrange to go to watch the procession of Adonis, which has been furnished by Arsinoe, the wife of Philadelphos. Gorgo visits Praxinoa, and together they go out to watch. Theokritos modelled the poem on the Spectators at the Isthmia by Sophron, and it is different from his usual style of poetry. At the festival of Adonis, the inhabitants of Alexandria used to adorn the statues of Adonis and escort them in traditional fashion down to the sea. When the Syracusan women leave their house, they are astonished by the crowd and by what is happening in the crowd. Theokritos wrote this poem while he was staying at Alexandria, to please the queen. He describes the violent commotion of the men, and the singer who in her song extols the lavishness of Arsinoe.” – Scholion to Theokritos

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