polytheist extractions

Expositio Totius Mundi Et Gentium 35

“Alexandria is a very great city, famous for her arrangement, abounding in all advantages and rich in food; she eats three kinds of fish, something which no other province has – river fish, lake fish and sea fish. All kinds either of perfume or any other barbarian merchandise can be found in the city. All sorts of people flock her streets, including those from beyond the extreme part of Thebais and the people of India, and receiving everything Alexandria stands above all. But what makes Alexandria so exceptional is the devout way that the Alexandrians worship the gods. Here is the temple of Serapis, the most unique and wonderful spectacle to be found in the whole world. Nowhere on earth can you see another temple with such beauty and symmetry, nor the extraordinary rites of worship celebrated there. Egypt is granted first place among all the countries on account of this single temple alone.” – Expositio Totius Mundi Et Gentium 35


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