polytheist extractions

Herodotos, The Histories 2.181

“Amasis made friends and allies of the people of Kyrene. And he decided to marry from there … so he married a certain Ladike but whenever Amasis lay with her, he became unable to have intercourse, though he managed with every other woman. So Ladike, when the king did not relent at all in accusing her of witchcraft although she denied it, vowed in her heart to Aphrodite that, if Amasis could have intercourse with her that night, since that would remedy the problem, she would send a statue to Kyrene to her. And after the prayer, immediately, Amasis did have intercourse with her. And whenever Amasis came to her thereafter, he had intercourse, and he was very fond of her after this.Ladike paid her vow to the goddess; she had an image made and sent it to Kyrene, where it stood safe until my time, facing outside the city.” – Herodotos, The Histories 2.181


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