polytheist extractions

Gregory of Nyssa, De Deitate Filii et Spiritus Sancti 46.557

“As in the days when Paul visited the Athenians, there are many amongst us who spend all their time doing nothing else except discussing and listening to new ideas that came about yesterday or a little earlier perhaps; craftsmen offhand pontificating about theology, servants and slaves and fugitives from domestic service grandly philosophizing to us about matters far beyond them and difficult for even the greatest minds to understand. You know whom this sermon is addressed to: everywhere throughout the city is full of such things. The alleys, the squares, the thoroughfares, the residential quarters; among cloak salesmen, those in charge of the money changing tables, those even who sell us our food. For if you ask about change, they philosophize to you about the Begotten and the Unbegotten. And if you ask about the price of bread, the reply is ‘The Father is greater, and the Son is subject to him.’ If you say, ‘Is the bath ready?’ they declare the son has his being from the non-existent. I am not sure what this evil should be called – inflammation of the brain or madness, or some sort of epidemic disease which contrives the derangement of reasoning.” – Gregory of Nyssa, De Deitate Filii et Spiritus Sancti 46.557


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