polytheist extractions

Quodvultdeus, The Book of the Promises and Prophecies of God 3.38

“At Carthage Caelestis had a temple of very substantial size ringed about by sanctuaries of all their gods. Its precinct was decorated with mosaic pavements and expensive columns and walls, and extended nearly one thousand paces. When it had been closed for a long time and, from neglect, thorny thickets invaded the enclosure, the Christian inhabitants wanted to claim it for use of the true religion. The Pagan inhabitants grew angry at this and clamored that there were snakes and other venomous creatures there to protect the temple. This only aroused the fervor of the Christians until the feast of holy Easter arrived and a great crowd gathered there, approaching from every direction to purify the temple, destroy the images and consecrate it to their own use. All the other temples of the city were razed to the ground, leaving only a narrow strip of land for the dead. Later the Vandals destroyed even the sacred way that once wound through the temples, appropriately enough leaving no reminders of the evil that had once flourished here.” – Quodvultdeus, The Book of the Promises and Prophecies of God 3.38


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