polytheist extractions

Artemidoros, Oneirocritica 1.8

“Common customs differ greatly from individual ones. If anyone has not learned this, he will be deceived by them in trying to interpret dreams. These, then, are common customs: to venerate and honor the gods, for there is no nation without gods, just as there is none without rulers. For different people reverence different gods, but the worship of all is directed towards the same power. To nurture children, to have sexual intercourse, to be awake during the day and the like. These, then, are common customs. The others we call individual or ethnic. For example, among the Thracians the well-born children are tatooed, whereas among the Getae, it is their slaves. And the Mossynes in the territory of Pontus have sexual intercourse in public and mingle with their wives just as dogs do, whereas in the eyes of other men, this behavior is considered to be shameful.” – Artemidoros, Oneirocritica 1.8


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