polytheist extractions

The Council of Toledo 16.129-30

“We declare that bishops and judges together are to destroy idols and that masters are to forbid their slaves to practice idolatry. Since the sacrilege of idolatry has developed throughout almost all of Span and Gaul, the holy synod has decreed with the consent of the most glorious prince that every priest, together with the district judge, is to examine carefully the sacrilege reported in his region, and to expel any that they find without delay. Moreover, they are to use force on all those implicated in such error by whatever punitive measures they can, up to a penalty of death. If they fail to do this, both should know that they are subject to the danger of excommunication. Moreover if any masters fail to uproot this evil from their estates and are unwilling to prohibit their households, they are to be banished by the bishop from the communion of the faithful.” – The Council of Toledo 16.129-30

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